Cedar Planting









Our planting service included !


The enrichment of the soil



Starting fertilization



A transplant warranty



Maintenance service the year after planting


White Cedars grown

White Cedar

-Dense foliage ideal for a hedge provided

-Good annual growth

-High quality Cedars

Available Height:

2 Foot | 3 Foot | 4 foot

Cedar Planting

White Cedar

Cedar Planting

White Cedar

Cedar Planting

White Cedar

Vision of PURcèdres for our Cedar Planting

An affordable cedar Planting

Cedar Planting is an excellent option when compared to the installation of a traditional fence. For a price similar to that of a chain mesh fence (Frost), you will find several advantages specific to the planting of a cedar hedge;

– Gives a lot more privacy to your backyard

-Provides a more natural look to your home

-Acts as a natural barrier against the surrounding noise

Continuous maintenance of Cedars

Once your hedge is planted, we are committed to providing continuous service to our clientele to ensure maximum growth, healthy maintenance and a beautiful appearance of your cedars;

– Shape prunning and maintenance trim for the up comming years

– Fertilization to stimulate new growth

-Soaker hose system providing optimum conditions

Top quality Cedars

A quality service first begins with the planting of a quality cedar. We therefore only offer a high grade cedar grown in pots. This type of tree stands out in many ways when compared to a wild cedar in small clod.

– Lower mortality rate because cedar is not subjected to any transplantation shocks.

– Much faster growth because the root system is not disturbed.

– Denser and supplied foliage provides privacy much more quickly

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Cedars Planting




Cedar trimming



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