Why plant a cedar hedge?

Thuja occidentalis for ornamental purposes (commonly known as cedar) is a tree used mainly as a hedge in urban environments. Its adaptation to the sun and its endurance to pruning make it a functional plant of choice. It plays many roles that are considered advantages of urban plants. What's more, depending on the climate in Quebec, cedar, with its evergreen foliage, preserves its functions as a vegetative screen and delimiter in winter and summer alike. In fact, Thuja occidentalis was originally a native tree whose terminal spire, the crown, is removed to delimit its height, and whose branches are pruned laterally to control width and shape. The cedar is a plant that has adapted well to urban conditions, especially in view of the direct sunlight it receives and the few physiological problems it encounters. In fact, there are few diseases or insect problems with cedar, and it tolerates the clay soils of Greater Montreal relatively well. What's more, its root system copes well with soil compaction (which doesn't mean you shouldn't aerate the soil to prevent subsidence from suffocating the root system), which is very interesting in a residential setting given the use of front and back yards.

Properly maintained with balanced irrigation, regular soil improvement (composted plant matter, for example), soil aeration and annual pruning, a cedar hedge is an excellent ornamental plant for delineating property boundaries, retaining soil (to prevent erosion), acting as a windbreak, vegetative screen, dust filter and more. not forgetting that, like all plants, cedar also plays a role in capturing CO2 and maintaining active soil dynamics. These are unavoidable advantages in the quest for respect for the environment. Cedar is also an effective way to avoid confining your privacy to a fence made of inert materials.

Varying your vegetation is not a luxury, but a way of looking at the long term ecologically and economically. Monoculture is harmful, and planting more than one species of vegetation on your property gives you the best chance of success. Accompany your cedar hedge with ornamental trees distributed throughout your property. Grasses, herbaceous plants, trees and shrubs will create, when properly maintained by specialists, a privileged and well thought-out environment.

The costs incurred by poor planting choices (the right tree in the right place), monoculture in times of fungal or insect epidemics, or poor maintenance will be disproportionate to the cost of maintenance by a specialist.